Would You Like Adopt an NPC or a Creature as a Pet?

ashta starfield

ashta starfield

Have you heard of the “pet rock” discourse in Starfield? This is a “phenomenon,” or an outright glitch, in which an asteroid or a group of them follows you or your ship around space and planetside.

It doesn’t occur for all players, however. This fact leaves some wondering how they could get their own “pet rock” in Starfield.

With this new mod, however, the pet rock glitch will now be for everyone and not for a select few. Better yet, you can adopt anything or anyone as a follower or pet, not just asteroids. The name of this mod is “Pet Follower,” and you can download it on Nexus for free.

Fancy getting a full-grown Pack Ankylosaurus or a Braincage as your pet? With this mod installed, you can look at the creature, press F8 twice, and have an instant pet! You can do the same thing with robots at outposts and abandoned buildings.

You can have as many “pets” as you like, but if you want to let go of one, you need to look at it and press F7 to give it its freedom like Aladdin did for the genie.

According to the modder, pet adoption automatically gives it level 100 and immortal life. You can take them with you as well in your planetary journeys.

Speaking of creatures, a player discovered to his shock last month, that a creature from a planet can invade ships and prevent them from fast traveling to another planet.

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Credit: Bethesda

The player said he noticed a creature on top of his vessel when he took off. Although the fauna fell off when the ship reached a certain altitude, he suspected it had spawned one of its kind inside the spacecraft.

Whatever the reason, it sure was a shock when he attempted to investigate why he couldn’t fast-travel, and he was confronted by a full-grown pack ankylosaurus in his cockpit.

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