Indie Director Partners With Bethesda for Brand-New Starfield Live Action Series

starfield live action

starfield live action

Bethesda wowed us with the live-action trailer for its latest open-world role-playing game, Starfield. However, there is still no end to live-action content for Bethesda’s most successful intellectual property to date.

That’s because an independent director, Stephen Ford, announced on X (formerly Twitter) that he has linked with Bethesda to produce a live-action series centered around Starfield.

Although very few details are available regarding this new project, streamer and influencer Gina Darling will be top-billing the project.

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Credit: X/Stephen Ford

Gina Darling also appears in a photo preview that Ford posted on his X account, where he said that the new project will act as a preparation for the space explorers who willingly enter into the universe of Starfield.

We can assume that the live-action series may be an educational guide on how things work on Bethesda’s newest intellectual property. It may even be a tutorial on how people can navigate Starfield's vast expanse of space.

The post was warmly received, with the official Xbox account even weighing in to encourage Ford. Carson Music also commented that he is interested in collaborating with the partners on the music section if needed.

Many X users also praised the production design on the sole photo preview, which features Gina Darling holding a United Colonies folder marked as “Office of Interstellar Affairs: Explorer Orientation.”

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Credit: Bethesda

Aside from the awe-inspiring live-action trailer released months ago, this would be the second live-action project that Bethesda would undertake for its biggest game in history.

Last week, Bethesda also made available a short video that offered an intimate look behind the scenes of that unforgettable trailer.

Stay tuned for updates on this latest live-action project for Bethesda’s Starfield!

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