Behind-The-Scenes Video for Starfield Trailer Released

astronaut in space

astronaut in space

The Starfield live-action trailer was a fascinating thing to watch. Not only did it give us an intimate look at what was to come from Bethesda’s newest space exploration RPG, but it hit in the heart of what we all dreamed of as kids - to go to the stars.

Now, you can see how the cast and crew achieved the trailer’s look and feel through an exclusive behind-the-scenes video released on Starfield’s official X account.

The video contained interviews from Bethesda's senior brand managers and director Nicole Ackermann that explained the conceptualization behind the trailer called “Wild Imagination.”

One of the interesting points brought up by director Ackermann is how the captain and child characters are actually complementary opposites of each other.

The captain, Ms. Ackermann explained, represents the excitement that players will feel upon playing and being immersed in the game’s action upon release.

On the other hand, the child is a call back to the child within each person, not just gamers, and our capacity to dream big.

Take a look at the video by visiting Starfield’s official X account.

The BTS video release coincides with the release of Imagine Dragon’s “Children of the Sky” official music video. Children of the Sky is another collaboration between the band and Bethesda, this time to celebrate the start of early access between September 1 and September 5.

Both these also timed with the announcement that Starfield has broken the 10-million milestone in player count. This is remarkable, given that Starfield has only been in the market for 15 days, not counting early access.

The early access period had previously broken records by attaining 1 million players in just 5 days. Two days after the official release, Xbox announced that Starfield had broken past the 6-million player count.

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