Player Pokes Fun at the Va’Ruun Inflictor With New Facial Expression

starfield player aims the va'ruun inflictor
Credit: Reddit

starfield player aims the va'ruun inflictor
Credit: Reddit

We knew there would be plenty of fun photographs with the host of new facial expressions that the latest Starfield update is set to bring to the game. We’ve seen the first instance of a player posing with expressions and snapping a scene.

If you’ve ever found the construction of the otherwise powerful Va’Ruun Inflictor rifle a little odd, this snap by Reddit user Gaeus_ should help remind you of the reason why.

starfield spacefarer aims the va'ruun inflictor
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Credit: Reddit/Gaeus_
How to use the iron sight of the Va'ruun Inflictor

When asked by a user why he thinks that the Va’Ruun Inflictor is funny, Gaeus_ explained that it is because of the awkward placement of the holographic sight.

He said that, because of its location on the weapon’s frame, shouldering the gun and aiming using the sight would be awkward or nearly impossible in real life, thus his character’s confused expression and obvious discomfort when using the weapon.

Another user pointed out that there’s always the alternative of simply picking up the weapon and firing from the hip.

Packing a powerful punch, the Va’Ruun Inflictor would be more effective when fired from the hip in real life. To compare, its mechanism and stopping power would be nearly equal to the most powerful shotgun.

Also, when faced with a Terrormorph armed with this weapon, it’s understandable—or even highly recommended—not to bother with the sight. You won’t have the time to line up a shot, as you need to run for your life!

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