Imagine Dragons Release Children Of The Sky - A Starfield Song

the band imagine dragons
Credit: Billboard

the band imagine dragons
Credit: Billboard

Bethesda has started to ramp up the marketing effort for Starfield as we creep ever closer to launch. The latest addition is a stellar track from the band Imagine Dragons. The song Children of the Sky dropped today, and we will have a look in the article below.

It's an unexpected collaboration but one that works very well. Starfield launches September 1 for Early Access via the Premium Edition or Upgrade. Standard Edition players can enjoy the adventure on September 6 (depending on your location). Be sure to prepare for the launch, no matter how you plan to play.

Imagine Dragons

An American pop-rock band from Nevada, Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons, have been around since 2008. Their debut album, Night Visions, in 2012, held the record for most weeks charted on the Billboard Hot 100. While in 2015, their second album, Smoke + Mirrors, reached number one in the US, Canada and the UK.

imagine dragons children of the sky a starfield song text with art of a character wandering in a mountainous region
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Credit: Bethesda

The track they have made for Starfield, 'Children of the Sky,' truly captures the feelings of wonderment that you will have exploring the galaxy of Starfield. Made available to listen on Bethesda's YouTube channel, we will add this one to our playlists!

Starfield Music

The main soundtrack for Starfield has been composed by the gifted Inon Zur. It is a bonus for those who have pre-ordered the game's Premium Edition. We are still determining if the Imagine Dragons Starfield song 'Children of the Sky' is part of this soundtrack or a separate additional track.

Inon Zur sits in a music studio
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Credit: Sony

Bethesda has uploaded the Starfield Suite from the soundtrack for fans to hear on their YouTube channel. The famous London Symphony Orchestra performs this version, which sets the tone for a game full of exploring the unknown.

Over on Bethesda's official website, you can check out their article on the music of Starfield. This deep dive goes into the creative processes and inspiration behind the team that crafts these beautiful soundscapes.

Music lovers can rejoice with the news that Imagine Dragons have released a song for Starfield. A game's music is one of the core elements that help players get lost in the many worlds and adventures ahead.

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For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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