The Very First Starfield Collectible Is Coming, and It’s Vasco!

player and vasco exit the ship

player and vasco exit the ship

Following close on the heels of Starfield’s highly successful release, PureArts has announced that it will be releasing the first Starfield collectible toy based on the game.

For its initial offering, the toy manufacturer said on X that it would release a 1/6 scale articulated figure featuring the Constellation’s faithful robot, Vasco!

Vasco is a heavy industrial machine that the Constellation employs for its space exploration activities. Its function is comparable to our current age’s planetary rovers, which are now busy exploring Mars to check for signs of life.

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Credit: Bethesda

However, Vasco’s payload capacity and endurance far exceed whatever space vehicle we can construct, given our current technology.

In the game, Vasco has been faithfully serving Constellation for 43 years. Sir Malcolm Livingstone initially owned him but was communally shared with the organization after he became a member. You can find Vasco in New Atlantis, looking worn but still operating.

Interested players and collectors can pre-order the 1/6 scale Vasco collectible here. You'll need to be quick because only 150 units are available. Hurry before they run out!

You can check out the PureArts Tweet on X with a video preview of the collectible, which has 15 points of articulation according to the video.

Here’s to hoping that there will be more collectibles coming in the near future!

Starfield’s impressive performance during early access and official release means Bethesda will be looking to bring the game to more audiences. Although it remains an Xbox/PC exclusive, PC players who cannot afford to upgrade their rigs to meet the game’s specifications can still play Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG.

Bethesda has officially brought the game to Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform, GeForce Now. Users must purchase the game on Steam, link their Steam accounts to their GeForce Now subscription, and start playing.

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