This Skyrim Mod Puts a Countdown On Your Adventures



Bethesda’s long-form formula can make players complacent about their victory, especially when playing the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Dragonborn is destined to win against Alduin, so why not make the dragon wait while you spend a few years scouring the map for hidden Easter eggs?

This modder seems to have been possessed by the Muse while exposing himself to Darkest Dungeon and realizing the Dragonborn needs to take his destiny seriously. The result is the Skyrim End Times mod!

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Credit: Nexus
The Doomsday Clock in Skyrim End Times

As its name suggests, the mod attaches a timer to your gameplay to ensure you don’t spend too much time on side quests. Instead, you must focus on the Main Quest, which you must finish before your time runs out.

If you cannot get to Alduin before the time limit, he’ll unleash his extinction-level hellfire, and it’s game over. You can turn the encounter into a Boss Fight, but he’ll be much more powerful.

It’s highly recommended to start a new save when you install this mod. However, if you use an existing save over a year old, you must adjust the countdown timer through the console.

Otherwise, you’ll have an endless loop of Alduin achieving victory when you load the game.

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Credit: Bethesda Creation Club

Skyrim was the first game to be part of the Bethesda Games Studios Creations platform via a surprise update in early December last year. The update disconnected the game from the Creation Club, which broke all mods from 2012.

Unhappy players avoided the update, while some modders protested the Creations platform as a means for Bethesda to grab money from the modding community.

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