Fans Want Bethesda to Bring Mitten Squad to Fallout 5

mitten squad

mitten squad

Tragedy struck the Bethesda gaming community this week after a well-known YouTuber/gamer was reported to have died at the young age of 27. This YouTuber is “Mitten Squad,” a popular Fallout player who liked to produce content of him playing games while taking on seemingly insurmountable challenges.

According to his obituary at the Molnar Funeral Homes in Michigan, Mitten Squad, whose real name was Joseph Wilson, died on December 14, 2023. Wilson had already stopped producing content for YouTube in July of 2022 to deal with his alcohol abuse issues.

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Credit: YouTube
Joseph Wilson a/k/a Mitten Squad

He, however, kept his fans updated through his social media. It was through Twitter that his followers found out that he was diagnosed with pancreatitis in May of this year, with Mitten Squad admitting that it was a complication of his alcoholism.

His last social media update was on November 24 of this year, where he said that he had been drinking during Thanksgiving but that he was seeing improvements in his condition.

In honor of his contributions to the gaming community, Fallout fans have launched a petition to have him included as a tribute in the future Fallout 5, even though Bethesda has not yet released any official details on its development.

If you want to sign the petition, please go to this link and have your voice heard.

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Credit: Reddit
Starfield's tribute to late fan, Alex Hay.

Bethesda is no stranger to paying tributes to fans who have passed away. When Starfield began early access, fans quickly noticed a digital letter from Alex Hay in the game.

Alex Hay was a mobile app developer who passed away in April this year. He had eagerly awaited the release of Starfield and was hoping to play it if it had launched in March as intended.

After Bethesda moved the release date, Alex posted on Reddit that he couldn’t wait six more months as he was already in palliative care due to lung cancer.

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