Alex Hay Tribute By Bethesda

Explorer floats in space near a portal-like device

Explorer floats in space near a portal-like device

Early access for Constellation and Premium users of Bethesda’s open-world space exploration RPG, Starfield, began today, September 1. This early, fans have already discovered a touching tribute to a Starfield fan who died from lung cancer in March this year.

Mobile app developer Alex Hay had waited patiently since 2018 for the game to come out and was thrilled when the initial release date in November 2022 approached.

Alex Hay

The release date was moved to September 6, 2023. Alex revealed on Reddit in March that he was suffering from cancer and was already in palliative care with his parents.

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Credit: Reddit/Mralexhay
Alex Hay's last message on Reddit

In his post, Alex said that he doesn’t expect to hold out for six more months, given the severity of his condition. Thus, he concluded that he most likely cannot play Starfield once it comes out. However, he assured other users that he’ll be “out there” when the game comes out.

A month after he created the thread, another Reddit user, simoncroberts, confirmed the sad news that Alex had indeed passed away and had journeyed ahead to the stars. The Reddit user added that Alex had loved Bethesda games in his life and invited Bethesda to reach out to him if they wanted to put Alex into the game.

Today, Constellation and Premium members discovered a note in-game from Alex Hay addressed to players of the game. Reddit user HunterWorld posted a screenshot of the note in the Starfield sub-Reddit today.

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Credit: Reddit/HunterWorld
Bethesda's tribute to Alex Hay

The note said: “To all my friends and fellow explorers, I’m always with you, out there in the Starfield.”

While Premium and Constellation members can now access Starfield, regular players receive their copies or download the game on September 6.

It was earlier reported previously that Starfield won't hit 60 frames per second on Xbox consoles. However, fans theorize Bethesda might be able to run Starfield at 60 FPS on the Xbox Series X after it was reported that Baldur’s Gate 3 would be coming to Xbox Series S with their parity clause removed for certain features.

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