Fallout 76: Where To Find Hundreds Of Burnt Books And More

Journey through the wasteland in Fallout 76
Credit: Bethesda

Journey through the wasteland in Fallout 76
Credit: Bethesda

In Fallout 76, junk does not mean useless trash. Instead, junk items are essential and can be used to craft workshop items and equipment mods to make surviving in the wasteland easier.

One of the junk items in Fallout 76, Burnt Books, is more important than how it looks. These scorched paperback materials are broken down into cloth and used to create lightweight clothing like the gear recently added from the Fallout show and apparel meant to provide the player’s character with varying levels of protection.

Where to find Burnt Books in Fallout 76

Burnt Books are scattered about the Appalachian wasteland, but hundreds of them can be found near each other in just one place: Summersville, a town in the Forest Region. In the map, this is situated south of Poseidon Power Substation PX-02, east of McClintock and the Lakeside Cabins, west of Cliffwatch, and north of Hornwright Summer Villa. Players can find this place along Route 87A, southeast of Vault 76.

Summersville is home to a cache of more than 200 Burnt Books, which should be enough for most crafting and daily quest needs. However, it’s also home to Blood Eagles, and new players are advised to be careful. Perhaps reading some Fallout 76 tips for newcomers will help you take on more challenging situations.

Summersville is home to hundreds of Burnt Books and some violent Blood Eagles.
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Credit: Bethesda
Summersville is home to Blood Eagles

To get those Burnt Books, players must go to Summersville and then proceed to the last house at the northern end of town. There, they will find Burnt Books on the shelves, stairs, and other areas of the house.

More than just Burnt Books

In addition to getting the said Burnt Books, players will get the chance to score some good early weapons, such as Laser and Plasma Guns, among many other items, by killing the Blood Eagles occupying the area. Using a decent build, like those from the Fallout show, they should be no problem. These raiders typically carry these weapons, but attacking them does not guarantee anything.

Loot Respawn

Aside from providing players with a huge supply of cloth, the Burnt Books can also be used to force-respawn items. Once players pick up 255 items, the game tends to reset the loot scattered around the wasteland.

To do this, players should keep picking up every Burnt Book they can find. Once the total number of items picked up reaches 255, players should quit the game, go to the main menu, and start the game again. The loot should be reset by now.

Where to get more Burnt Books

Burnt Books can also be found in other areas, not just Summersville. Players can find some in the Haven Church, the Hornwright Estate, the Eastern Regional Penitentiary, Morgantown Trainyard, the Charleston Fire Department, the shack in Horizon’s Rest, and more.

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