Developers Share Sneak Peek at Upcoming Fallout 76 Update

fallout 76 flooded city center
Credit: Bethesda

fallout 76 flooded city center
Credit: Bethesda

The latest Fallout 76 update, Atlantic City - America’s Playground, is currently on public testing and will be available on March 26.

Hayley Spillane, the game’s brand manager, interviews three Fallout 76 development team members and asks them to reveal some of the exciting changes we can look forward to in the new expansion.

Stephanie Zachariadis, one of the Quest Designers for Fallout 76, said the new update will bring the prestigious Russo Family to the Appalachians.

They are a family fleeing from their past in Atlantic City, bringing their baggage to the mountains. They will be central to a couple of new quests, including one where the Wastelander will have to journey back to Atlantic City to find a cure for their daughter’s addiction to Devil’s Blood.

Fallout 76 flooded city center
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Credit: Bethesda/X

Zachariadis also revealed details regarding a new Expeditions Mission called 'The Human Condition.' This new quest will finally bring the player face-to-face with the Municipals’ leader, Mayor Tim, and will receive a mission to ensure none of the Overgrown stalking Atlantic City makes it inside.

Senior Quest Designer Ellys Tan said there will now be a bulletin board at the White Springs Refuge where players can pick up side quests posted by people who need help.

She also revealed the reward players can look forward to if they complete all the quests in America’s Playground. A new Civil Engineering armor set has combat perks that, unfortunately, they did not reveal during the interview.

Fallout 76 Seasons refresh Duel with the Devil
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Credit: Bethesda

Last but not least, Jessie McLean, the game’s Senior Monetization Designer, described the changes that will be brought to the Fallout 76 Seasons, also known as the Scoreboard.

McLean said the refresh will remove the Scoreboard mechanic, allowing players more flexibility in earning rewards. Rewards can be bought now through tickets, which the player will earn for every challenge they complete.

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