Real-Life Refrigator Becomes a Nuka Cola Machine From the Fallout Series

nuka cola fallout

nuka cola fallout

You know you’re a big Fallout fan when you start turning things from the real world into stuff from the award-winning game franchise from Bethesda. A live-action series called Fallout is coming in April, and this probably led this X user to take things to the next level.

The user we’re talking about is @NoApologiesWork, who converted his refrigerator into a Nuka Cola machine from the Fallout series. Don’t take our word for it - look at what the guy has done to his hapless fridge!

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Credit: X/NoApologiesWork
Nuka-Cola, in the flesh.

He adds a Raider gas mask in the mix as if the realism isn't enough. The refrigerator carries the Nuka Cola logo, a Fallout Shelter sticker, and an Uncle Sam poster from the game.

The artwork is so good that the official Fallout 76 account took notice and featured the picture in its Fallout Fan Art Friday posting. This is similar to our Starfield Fan Creation of the Week, where we recently featured a handcrafted spacesuit by X user arborealkey.

Prime Video is producing a live-action series titled 'Fallout,' which will hit small screens beginning April 12, 2024. The series currently stars Ella Purnell as a Vault dweller named Lucy, Walter Goggins as The Ghoul, and Aaron Morten as Maximus, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

While the live-action series is based on the core narrative of the Fallout series, its story is independent of the games, which has reportedly led to Todd Howard calling its development 'Fallout 5'

There are currently no plot details available for the series, for which Prime Video also released a first trailer, except for the central point called The Artifact.

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