Fallout Showrunner Nolan Says Trying to Please Others ‘A Fool’s Errand’

jonathan nolan fallout 76 background wasteland
Credit: Den of Geek/Bethesda

jonathan nolan fallout 76 background wasteland
Credit: Den of Geek/Bethesda

Only three weeks remain until the Fallout live-action series on Prime Video debuts on April 11.

Jonathan Nolan, one of the showrunners of the series, recently attended a press event where he was asked if he was happy with the result of the show and whether fans of the games would be equally pleased.

The director, who had the three Batman films helmed by his brother Christopher as part of his writing credits, said that he finds it a “fool’s errand” to try and please “fans of anything” or even to try and impress himself.

jonathan nolan den of geek fallout interview
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Credit: Den of Geek/YouTube
Jonathan Nolan

Instead, Nolan explained, anyone assigned to a similar project should dive headlong into the task to develop the desired results.

In the case of Fallout, they had to trust that, being fans of the source material, they’d be able to determine the elements they deemed “essential” to the show they were trying to bring to life and take it from there.

The filmmaker, however, reiterated his love for the games and said that his passion for the Wasteland drove him to attempt to bring it to the small screen.

"It started, for me, with Fallout 3, which devoured about a year of my life," he explained, revealing that his career was almost over because he spent much time playing the game instead of working.

He described the opportunity to create Fallout as a “rare and unbelievable” achievement, as he was able to immerse himself in the game universe and bring it to life.

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