Here’s a Wishlist of Features That Every Fallout 76 Players Wants to See

image of a power armor
Credit: Bethesda

image of a power armor
Credit: Bethesda

Over the years, Fallout 76 has grown to be one of Bethesda's most popular online multiplayer games. Despite its rocky launch, it reached 20 million players after six strong years.

Todd Howard recently announced in an interview that the studio will continue to support Fallout 76 with content, with consistent periodic updates added frequently. Thanks to the TV show Fallout 76, a new generation of players has been born, and players are now talking about the next big thing they want to see in their beloved video game.

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/Aggravating_War_2245, they asked the community what feature they would like to see in Fallout 76, and the community responded with various features that would make their lives easier in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

First on the list is a search function for the build menu. While it is a simple feature, a search function will arguably make building seamless and intuitive by providing a quick way to find what the players need when building their C.A.M.P.

Another feature players look forward to is an undo button during build mode. These two simple features will make life in Fallout 76 way better.

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Another notable feature is secure two-way trading between individual players. In most MMOs, 1:1 player trading is one of the most common features, especially when players control the game’s economy.

Bethesda can get into creating something similar to this feature without affecting the economy or the game’s trade too much. While trading exists in the game via a different method, a straight player-to-player trading feature is worth looking forward to.

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Credit: Bethesda

An inventory lock, a recipes tab, and a full night and day cycle are some features players look forward to seeing in Fallout 76. However, players will no longer have to wait because the upcoming Milepost Zero update will allow them to own customizable outposts similar to Skyrim’s houses.

This update will add more quality-of-life improvements to Fallout 76 that many players will enjoy.

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