Give Fallout 76’s Fallout 1st A Try For Free!

fallout 76 fallout 1st subscription
Credit: Bethesda

fallout 76 fallout 1st subscription
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda is offering a free trial to the Fallout 76 Fallout 1st premium subscription service as new players flock to the game after watching Prime Video's live-action adaptation TV show.

It's been a week since Prime Video debuted all eight episodes of the Fallout live-action series simultaneously. The show has received an overwhelmingly positive reception, with many old and new players coming to the games, including Fallout 76.

Bethesda has announced that it will give all players a free Fallout 1st premium subscription trial to promote the online live service multiplayer game.

To claim their free trial, new players must sign up for a Fallout 76 account between April 16 and April 23. Old players must log in to their accounts between these dates and claim their free trial from the Atomic Shop.

Should their free trial expire and they want to continue with their membership, Steam and Xbox are offering Fallout 1st at discount prices until April 25 and May 9, respectively.

fallout 76 scrapbox
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Credit: Bethesda

In addition to these perks, players who claim their free trial between April 16 and 23 also get a free Red Mr. Fuzzy’s Tinker’s Workbench from the Atomic Shop.

Fallout 1st is Fallout 76’s premium membership service with monthly and annual subscriptions. Members enjoy exclusive perks like:

  • Unlimited storage through a Scrapbox
  • Movable Fast Travel points through a Survival Tent
  • Recurring 1,650 Atoms (in-game premium currency) every month
  • A free Ranger Outfit
  • Free Fallout 76 Season Pass
  • Unlimited Ammo storage
  • Exclusive cosmetics

Fallout 1st members can also claim free weekly items during the weekly Atomic Shop updates.

Bethesda also recently rolled out its latest expansion, Atlantic City - America's Playground. This update introduces changes to the Scoreboard system and a new questline involving the Russo family.

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