Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update for June 18 - June 25

image of the sawtooth bundle
Credit: Bethesda

image of the sawtooth bundle
Credit: Bethesda

Skyline Valley is now open for all Fallout 76 wastelanders, with new activities, such as the start of Season 17 and a new main quest involving the mysterious Vault 63.

Fallout 76 players will spend many hours exploring the new map expansion. With it comes a new Atomic Shop update, complete with an exciting Sawtooth Bundle!

Atomic Shop Weekly Update:

Atom Price
Sawtooth Bundle
Skull Tower Prefab + Door
Blood Eagle Throne
Blood Eagle Standard
Sawtooth Outfit
Chattering Teeth Backpack Flair
Broken Footlocker Lootbag
The Bloody Mess Bundle

The Sawtooth Bundle includes:

  • Skull Tower + Door
  • Blood Eagle Throne
  • Blood Eagle Standard
  • Sawtooth Outfit
  • Chattering Teeth Backpack Flair
  • Broken Footlocker Lootbag

The Bloody Mess Bundle includes:

  • Vertiguard Blood Eagle Power Armor Paint
  • Blood Raider Excavator Power Armor Skin
  • Blood-Washed Combat Armor Paint
  • Blood Eagle Paint (Super Sledge)

Permanent Additions to the Shop

These items will be available to the Atomic shop permanently:

Atom Price
Utility Box Generator Suite
Paratrooper Loot Bag
Pot of Gold Loot Bag

Grab these fantastic items in the Atomic Shop now and get ready to solve the mystery of Vault 63!

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In other Fallout 76 news, Todd Howard confirmed in an exclusive interview that Bethesda Games Studios will continue to support the game in the long run. Thanks to the popularity of the Fallout TV show, the game has been experiencing an increase in player count. An internal roadmap for the upcoming Fallout 76 content is already underway.

image of a school bus
expand image
Credit: Bethesda

Personal outposts will also become available to players as the future Milepost Zero update is released by September 2024. Players who finish missions for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company will receive these outposts, which are similar to Skyrim’s customizable houses, which can be upgraded and decorated over time.

Fallout 76’s 2024 roadmap indicates more Pioneer Scout activities and a barbecue-themed July. The Skyline Valley update and map expansion are already available to players who subscribed to Fallout 1st. For those who do not have a subscription, the Season Pass can be purchased via the Atomic Shop.

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