ESO Players Share Their Initial Thoughts on the Highly Anticipated Gold Road Update

image of the nord character in ESO
Credit: Bethesda

image of the nord character in ESO
Credit: Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls Gold Road update went live for PC/Mac last June 3, and players have started exploring the West Weald while driving out forces from the Mirrormoor Incursions.

The latest expansion offers tons of new content, such as the 12-player Lucent Citadel Trials and the new Scribing mechanic.

With Gold Road being one of the bigger recent updates, ESO players weigh in on whether Bethesda did a great job providing a new experience for both new and old players.

Offering a new story and region, Gold Road also overhauls major game factors, such as graphics, character gameplay, and social features, such as Mail and Guild Traders.

Other improvements also include environmental sustainability features and new achievements. Still, many players feel that the Gold Road is the same as previous updates regarding bosses and world events. Others are happy with the latest additions but find some quests repetitive.

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Originally posted on Reddit by user u/Rare_Ad_3871, they ask whether Gold Road is worth returning to ESO or more of the same previous updates.

The phrase “worth coming back to” may imply that the player has left the game before and is looking at Gold Road as a potential reason to return to the MMORPG.

Many players who have tried the expansion are happy with what Bethesda added to the game, especially the new West Weald zone and Scribing. A noticeable visual overhaul is also one reason players like the expansion.

Not everybody echoes the same, though. Some players mention that their characters cannot fully take advantage of the new Scribing feature, as it is still limited to what skills it offers and what their player class is. Some mention that the quests are repetitive, and the update is more of the same formula.

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Credit: Bethesda

For others, the Gold Road update is the best update ESO had in a long time. The new refreshing zones are a beautiful visual treat, and the new quality-of-life improvements are a welcome addition.

Moreover, more players have returned, and this makes the game feel more alive than ever. This can be attributed to the new update, but as with every other MMO, more players mean more activities, which translates into a more fun experience.

In other Bethesda news, Fallout x Fortnite is happening in the battle royale’s season battle pass, and a new Modern Warfare and Fallout collab is on the horizon. Stay updated with the latest Bethesda news and announcements by following Starfield Portal.

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