Skyrim Player Adds Unbelievable Layer of Realism With a Pain Suit

alduin world eater skyrim vr haptic suit real pain

alduin world eater skyrim vr haptic suit real pain

This Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim player has chosen to enhance an already impressive gameplay experience with added layers of realism. Thanks to their haptic suits, they can feel their character’s pain as if they're actually roaming Tamriel.

Virtual reality (VR) technology has transformed how players experience their favorite games. The games are now more immersive than before, as players can explore their favorite games' worlds through their characters' eyes using VR headsets.

Real-time haptic feedback also makes games more realistic in ways people thought once impossible. Thanks to this technology, one Skyrim fan has turned up the immersion further, to the extent that they can even feel their character’s pain.

It’s not about empathy but feeling the physical pain their characters must be going through when attacked by opponents or landing on their feet from a long jump, for instance.

X user GingasVR, who openly describes herself as a VR enthusiast, posted a video of herself wearing a pair of haptic feedback suits while playing Skyrim in VR. The first suit is dedicated to simulating pain by sending electric shocks throughout the body.

In contrast, the second suit is designed to recreate the feeling of being immersed in water and other less intense sensations.

To complete the experience, both suits come with remote-controlled fans that turn on whenever the player is in an environment with cold weather or climate. There are also devices resembling defibrillators that produce vibrations in certain situations.

There’s no doubt about the authenticity of the experience, as GingasVR can be seen jumping and heard yelping in pain when attacked by a fire-breathing dragon. Indeed, this is the future of role-playing games right here!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim received a surprise update in December last year and another in January. These updates should keep the game interesting for fans while they wait for Bethesda to release The Elder Scrolls VI, which reportedly has playable early builds already.

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