Bethesda Confirms the Elder Scrolls VI Is Now in a Playable State

the elder scrolls 6

the elder scrolls 6

Bethesda today revealed that their upcoming title, The Elder Scrolls VI, is in a playable state.

The studio is celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls franchise and posted a message for the fans on X (formerly Twitter) talking about the series' history.

After Starfield's' dismal' performance, Elder Scrolls fans have expressed concerns over The Elder Scrolls VI prospects.

Bethesda celebrate The Elder Scrolls 30th anniversary
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Credit: Bethesda

In the post, Bethesda said, "We are in development on the next chapter - The Elder Scrolls VI. Even now, returning to Tamriel, and playing early builds has us filled with the same joy, excitement, and promise of adventure."

This news is rather surprising, as the next entry in the Tamriel-based series is expected to be released years from now, perhaps even on next-gen systems.

A 'playable state' may not be as vast and complete as the final game upon release, but hearing that early builds are already being tested internally brings fans of the series some excitement on the 30th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls.

Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls VI in 2018 and even released a trailer to accompany it. While not many details can be extrapolated from that trailer, it tantalized fans' tastebuds nonetheless.

To the disappointment of PlayStation fans around the globe, The Elder Scrolls VI, like Starfield, is expected to be an exclusive for the Xbox ecosystem after the company purchased Bethesda's parent company, Zenimax, in 2021.

This may change, however, with Xbox recently releasing some of their previous exclusive titles on other platforms.

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