Live Adaptation Pitch For Fallout 1 Surfaces on Reddit

fallout 4 sole survivor live-action script
Credit: Bethesda/Brent Friedman

fallout 4 sole survivor live-action script
Credit: Bethesda/Brent Friedman

The first official live-action adaptation of Bethesda’s Fallout games, produced by Amazon’s Prime Video service and directed by Jonathan Nolan of Westworld fame, will hit TV screens worldwide on April 11.

However, it was not the only live-action adaptation pitch based on the games. There had been an attempt to adapt the first Fallout game into live action just before the second game came out.

Fortunately, a copy of that pitch has survived and can now be viewed on Reddit's social media forum. The user IsThisDamnNameTaking uploaded it, and all the pages are available for public viewing.

Like the games, the script describes an unnamed protagonist who is only called “Hero.” Our Hero lives in Vault 13 and serves as Assistant Vault Supervisor. He discovers a problem with the Vault’s water supply that, if left unaddressed, can lead to a major water shortage.

Our Hero reports this to the Overseer, who then assembles a team of scavengers to venture into the Wasteland to find the parts needed to repair the water supply.

Brent V. Friedman penned the script in 1998, intending it to be a treatment for a full feature-length film. However, the Redditor explained that the owners of Interplay closed the studio before the script could be finished.

Friedman eventually made the script public in 2011 to show the world what it would’ve been had Interplay pushed through with the planned live-action adaptation.

With Amazon's new live-action series, IsThisDamnNameTaken said they wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ideas in the pitch made their way to the Prime Video show.

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