Players Report Sightings of Starfield-Themed Doritos

doritos packs

doritos packs

Starfield has become the most successful franchise Bethesda has ever launched so far. Just roughly two weeks after its official release on September 6, the game has managed to snag 10 million players.

Five million players also immediately signed on to play the game on release date, with a million signing up for early access.

You’d think Bethesda would relax and pop a champagne or two, but the company will continue to maintain the momentum of a successful launch.

The company is already working on merchandising tie-ups. Eagle-eyed players who entered shopping stores in the US and Canada were quick to spot Starfield-themed Doritos packages. At least three people took to social media to share their findings.

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Credit: X/Legendary DumplinHead

The most exciting find is that of X user Legendary DumplinHead, whose Doritos Nacho Cheese packages included coupons to unlock a free month for her Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account and four points towards rewards.

Based on the picture, she must have dropped at least six of these Doritos packs into her shopping cart.

This is, however, not the first product promo that Bethesda has come up with for Starfield.

A week before early access began, German food company yfood also launched a promotional offer that offered a one-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership for every purchase of a 6-pack containing their exclusive Starfield-themed drinks.

That promotional offer was only available in Germany.

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Credit: Bethesda

As part of its ongoing efforts to capitalize on its successful launch, Bethesda also announced a raffle in which people who join Constellation and existing members can win a Chronomark smartwatch.

Only 15 lucky members will be able to win one of these watches that comes complete with a smartwatch case and a physical mission patch.

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