Starfield Drink Promo With Yfood

The starfield logo next to the yfood logo
Credit: yfood

The starfield logo next to the yfood logo
Credit: yfood

The marketing ramp up for Starfield has begun. From the recent anime short series to Samsung using the game to sell more TV's, and now a drink, we are definitely approaching hype levels exploding.

Xbox are no strangers to promotions involving food and drink companies. With Doritos cross promotions going all the way back to the early days of the Xbox 360. Doritos Crash Course was a small title released as part of their cross-brand promotion that was enjoyed by many.

An advert with Starfield branded lucozade bottles
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Credit: Lucozade
Thirsty business this space travel

For Starfield, we have already seen the branded cans of Rockstar in the US and Lucozade bottles sporting Starfield designs in the UK. Often these promo packs come with a code for the game or a chance to win prizes in a competition. For our friends over in Germany, Starfield and Xbox have a promotion with the brand yfood, and it has a very nice promotional offer included.

Yfood makes meal replacement drinks in a variety of flavours, and now you can taste the galaxy with the new Starfield flavour. This new flavour is 'Cinnamon Stardust' and is sold in packs of 6 on their website.

A bottle of yfood Starfield edition sits on a planet
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For hungry gamers of the galaxy

"Get the ultimate taste of the universe with the Limited Starfield Edition, the drink for gamers & space explorers: creamy, cinnamon and extraterrestrially delicious. One sip catapults you straight into the STARFIELD universe, THE next-gen RPG from Bethesda. Explore foreign planets, experience exciting quests and be prepared for any gaming challenge with the Limited Starfield Edition thanks to plenty of protein, fiber and 26 vitamins and minerals. So: get ready for an epic journey and the most delicious drink you have ever tasted!"

Buying a pack of these Starfield drinks will also come with 1 month of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving you access to the game anywhere. These packs of 6 are priced at €23.94 making a bottle €3.99 each. No news on whether or not yfood will have this promotional pack available in other regions is available at the moment.

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