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Many players may not have liked the procedural generation in Starfield, and they have their reasons. For others, however, the randomly generated landscapes present an opportunity for unique discoveries they may not have expected when they started playing Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG.

For user twistedbarricade, the procedural generation caught him with his guard down when he came across a location that reminded him of another city in another Bethesda game - the city of Solitude from Skyrim.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at twistedbarricade’s screenshot below.

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Credit: Reddit/twistedbarricade

Twistedbarricade shared this capture in a Reddit thread titled “Is it just me, or does this look uncannily like Solitude in Skyrim?”

The resemblance must be uncanny indeed, for the first comment from Square-Pipe7679 extorted him right away to build an outpost on the site, which the HUD on the lower left said is on Ampere. Other users chimed in, commenting “Rebuild Solitude” and “Make Solitude Great Again.”

Another user, 'psychobilly1,' tried to rain on the parade by commenting on several potential errors Starfield’s ship-building functionality might want to raise, but Square-Pipe7679 shot him down.

“A mental sacrifice, to be sure,” the user answered. “[B]ut if the results are worth it, it must be done.”

What about you? Do you think this Reddit user’s discovery resembles the city we’ve come to know and love from The Elder Scrolls V?

Bethesda dropped a surprise update to its 12-year-old game, Skyrim, early this month, including a new modding platform - the Bethesda Game Studios Creations, which aimed to let modders put their creations up for sale and earn loyalties.

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