There Is a New 162-Hour Long Starfield Soundtrack on Spotify

Credit: Bethesda/Spotify

Credit: Bethesda/Spotify

Todd Howard and company are yet to give us the Starfield radio that we’ve all been pining for, but our fellow players have not let us down in this case.

Although no official radio from Bethesda exists, there are alternate solutions from both the modding community and the casual player.

One of these is this Spotify playlist that is purportedly 162 hours long. Titled “That’s the Spacin’ Life, Buddy!” this free playlist is the work of Reddit Shortysaywh4.

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Credit: Spotify/Reddit

He initially created this compilation for his own use. However, in his post on Reddit, Shortysaywh4 said he ultimately decided to share the link with the community since “radio is for the masses.”

The Redditor described the music in the collection as perfect for various activities in Starfield and other activities not related, like the player contemplating metaphysics and their purpose in the cosmos.

In other words, these tracks can provide ambient music for those who need to ponder thoughts of existential crisis.

In addition to this playlist, you can also check out these other playlists on Spotify as well. A player-created these collections a few days after launch to try and remedy the lack of an official in-game radio.

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The first Starfield browser-based radio

You might also want to use this browser-based radio as well. It connects to that playlist but allows you to segregate the tracks by genre.

Now, if only Todd Howard and the team working on the updates would consider adding an in-game radio, that would be great. In the meantime, however, enjoy this new playlist of curated space music only on Spotify.

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