Bethesda Head of Publishing Comments on Starfield Going Gold

Todd howard is on stage at e3 2015
Credit: Bethesda

Todd howard is on stage at e3 2015
Credit: Bethesda

We are in the endgame for Starfield launch day, a mere 18 days for early-access players is all that stands between us and the cosmos. Fans still have growing concerns about Bethesda's silence on the game going gold.

Starfield Gold

For those that have never heard of the term 'going gold', what this means is the game is good to ship. It means the allocated time for development has ended and they are printing the current code onto discs ready to ship out to retail.

Two developers sit at a pc working on Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda
Almost at the finish line...

Once the game has gone gold, the team will then usually begin work on patches for the title. With Starfield, or indeed any Bethesda title, many patches will be seen during their long life cycles.

These patches usually iron out any initial bugs and glitches missed during the quality assurance stage of game development. Xbox has given Bethesda extra time to bug fix and claimed that Starfield will be the most bug-free Bethesda release ever.

Whether this statement is true or not, there will still be bugs and glitches like any open-world game has at launch. We will be sure to keep you informed of all bugs and glitches as they are discovered.

Bethesda Responds

So, with no news on Starfield going gold at the time of writing, fans are naturally speculating if the game will receive a further delay. Starfield has already been delayed twice, and long-waiting, hungry wannabe cosmonauts don't want to wait a minute more.

Over on (formerly Twitter), one fan actually got the team to break their silence on the gold status of Starfield.

An exchange between a fan and Peter Hines head of publishing for Bethesda
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Fans finally have a response on Starfield's gold status

Peter Hines, head of publishing at Bethesda, responded to one user expressing his want for an update, Peter replied with the following:

"Take a deep breath. I have an amazing team. We know what we're doing."

So, there you have it, Bethesda is clearly confident of the dates currently locked down for release. I'm sure this will do nothing to ease the worries the fans have, but it's what they are going to have to accept for now.

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