Starfield Isn’t Coming to PS5... At the Moment

starfield no ps5

starfield no ps5

What an absolute drama the past week has been with Xbox and the possibility of games no longer being platform-exclusive. One of the initial rumors being bounced around was that Starfield is coming to PlayStation; we even reported on the matter ourselves.

This may not be the case after listening to the Xbox Podcast that just wrapped.

xbox starfield
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Starfield was one of the games PlayStation fans had watched with eager eyes before shedding a tear as they waved goodbye to their chances to play after Microsoft purchased Zenimax (Bethesda's parent company), making all future Bethesda games Xbox exclusive.

Rumors online pre-podcast had thrown out some big names, such as Gears of War and Starfield, as games that would be making the journey to PlayStation. Phil Spencer sat down and explained the pros of them bringing games to other systems and stated that the four games that would be going multiformat had all been out for at least a year - immediately removing Starfield from the conversation...for now.

We reckon Xbox may adopt the timed exclusive strategy with their first-party titles that Sony previously used for third-party games. This strategy involves paying to keep titles off competing platforms for a predetermined time. If this is the case, we may see more Xbox titles, including Starfield, appear on PlayStation after Xbox has enjoyed a year of exclusivity.

starfield ps5
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Could we see Starfield on PS5 this year? Maybe, but not till September, when it has passed one year on Xbox as an exclusive. As stated in our original article - we welcome all players from all ecosystems and hope everyone will enjoy our space game eventually.

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