Fan Creation of the Week - The Hunter, Oil on Birch



You may love or hate Starfield, but you cannot deny its visuals will always awaken the Picasso within us. For example, many people post virtual photography, like they are Dorothea Lange or Carsten Peter.

For this week, we’ve spotted the very first Starfield artwork to have crossed our paths. By artwork, we’re talking about traditional media artwork. In this case, the artist used oils on a birch canvas, or so its caption says.

Enough words because we’d like to show the amazing visuals that X user Krigster_ has created for all Starfield fans to enjoy.

We particularly like his use of neutral colors for the Hunter. Although the actual Hunter in the game has a brownish garb, this version uses neutrals to create shadows and contrast for the enigmatic Starborn… and perhaps his intentions in the game.

The muted colors contrast with the cool blue and warm green hues of the clouds, sky, and grass of the fields where he stands. We couldn’t identify what planet this should be on, as there are only a few planets in Bethesda’s biggest RPG to date where the grass is that tall.

We’re sure you’d agree with us when we say that this artist will go a long way when he puts his heart into his trade if he hasn’t done so yet.

What do you think of this Starfield-based artwork featured this week? We’d happily put your work in here and feature it in our special weekly gallery. All you need to do is send us your work via our socials!

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