Kris Takahashi Talks About Mods, Bethesda and His Role in Starfield

Kris Takahashi

Kris Takahashi

Bethesda has a sizable pool of talented developers and designers who worked on Starfield and its older games like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. One of these is Kris Takahashi, one of a few third-party modders who got to work for a game development company for which he created mods.

Kris is currently the focus of Bethesda’s development spotlight for December. Let’s dive into the interview and discover what this talented designer has to say.

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Credit: Bethesda

In the article, Kris revealed that, although Oblivion was his first Bethesda game, many of his earliest mod exploits were focused on an older title - Morrowind. The designer said he tried redesigning Morrowind, which was not a small undertaking, but said that “nothing came out of it.”

It was that experience, however, that he learned a lot about modding and the Creation Kit.

What was his favorite mod? Kris told Bethesda that his favorite was one for Fallout 3 called the “Dot’s Diner,” a quest that involved the player solving the mysterious murders that took place every time he picked up a public payphone at midnight.

The interview also asked Kris how he ended up working full-time for Bethesda after pursuing modding for a considerable time.

The developer said that it was only after the Creation Club launch that he considered a career. Fortunately, his fellow modders and developers at Bethesda put in a kind word for him and got him working with Todd’s studio.

Fast forward to today. Kris said that he continues to work with Bethesda because of the good relationships that he has forged with his team members and his high respect for the developers who came before him.

Would you like to know more about Kris Takahashi? Make sure to check out the full interview on Bethesda’s website.

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