Burran is the fourth planet in the Cheyenne system. A barren planet with frozen temperatures and no atmosphere. This environment does not support flora, fauna, and water. Explorers can find the following resources when exploring the planet: He and Fe.

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  • FloraNone
  • Body TypeBarren
  • Gravity1.09 g
  • MagnetosphereVery strong
  • SystemCheyenne
  • TypeBarren
  • AtmosphereNone
  • FaunaNone
  • TemperatureFrozen
  • Resources
  • Moons
  • Orbiting

Where Is Burran?

Burran is the third planet in the Cheyenne system. In the map, the closest star systems to the Cheyenne star system are Narion, Barnaro's star, and Alpha Centauri.

What Is on Burran?

Burran does not supports flora and fauna without water There are also two resources: He and Fe.

Which Star System Is Burran In?

Burran is part of the Cheyenne star system.

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