Starfield Beta Update Kills Luke Stephens’ PC While Discussing New Maps

Todd points at Starfield
Credit: Bethesda/YouTube

Todd points at Starfield
Credit: Bethesda/YouTube

YouTuber Luke Stephens tested the new Starfield Steam Beta update. Shockingly, his gaming PC crashed while discussing the new maps that come with the patch.

People who purchased their copy of Starfield from Steam have the privilege of testing any new updates through the Steam Beta platform. One of these is the popular YouTuber Luke Stephens, who immediately went to take the new patch out for a spin.

As soon as he logged in, Stephens decided to test the new maps, one of the centerpieces of this update. The streamer noted that this new feature significantly improved user experience.

He explained that, with the new maps, players now have a more or less accurate estimate of how long it would take to run from their ship to a custom marker. Stephens said he’s very interested in how this new world map will work with the upcoming land rovers that Bethesda had revealed were in progress at the studio.

At this point, the stream from his gaming PC suddenly ended. Stephens managed to continue the broadcast as he had set up a separate PC for his video game streams. He jokingly suggested that Todd Howard might have been watching and hacked his broadcast.

Fortunately, his gaming PC returned to business after simply cycling his breaker. Stephens theorized that it was a hardware issue and wondered if there was a process aside from his game stream that was siphoning on his computer’s resources, causing it to trip and shut down.

To be sure, he replicated the issue and encountered no more crashes.

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Credit: YouTube/Luke Stephens
Luke Stephens finds the maps a new experience

Stephens concluded that while the maps are a welcome addition, these changes are less likely to change anything or fix many of the issues that people are having with Starfield, particularly in exploration, where much of a player’s time is spent running from one point of interest to another.

Of course, the loading screen remains a jarring experience for Stephens and many others. The YouTuber hopes that the future rovers and the Shattered Space DLC will offer something new.

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