Bring Mass Effect Into Starfield With Multiple Mods

commander shepard from mass effect

commander shepard from mass effect

Mass Effect is one of those beloved sci-fi gaming franchises among hardcore players. It wouldn’t be a surprise if somebody decided to bring a part of this game into Starfield, Bethesda’s latest open-world space exploration game.

That’s precisely what YouTuber ODINSFALL did with a set of mods. He turned his character into an N7 soldier, complete with the N7 jacket, armor, and helmet. He also replaced Vasco’s voice with that of the N7 Legion from Mass Effect.

He used multiple mods to achieve this effect, all downloadable from Nexus Mods. One mod retextures the Mark-1 armor set into the N7 PLUS Pathfinder Armor. Another mod retextured the Constellation space outfit and turned it into the N7 Armor. A third mod was also used to replace Sarah’s jacket with that of the N7.

The results were impressive. Thanks to the DECENT ReShade mod, ODINSFALL turned every footage he recorded from Starfield into a cinematic presentation. You can check out the video below; the list of mods he used is in the description.

With all the creativity that Starfield allows its players, it’s only natural for some franchises and even some real-life celebrities to cross over into the game. One of the earliest mods is a character preset that turns your character into Ryan Gosling, who recently appeared in the Barbie movie as Ken.

In shipbuilding, several users have recreated the iconic starships in the Star Wars franchise, including the X-wing and A-wing starfighters, and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. There was even somebody who created the green Planet Express bus from Futurama!

With mods for Starfield rapidly becoming popular, Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed that they’ll be releasing official support for these modifications by 2024.

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