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starfield affinity

starfield affinity

There are many instances posted on Reddit and YouTube where a Starfield player’s companion with whom they have a romantic relationship suddenly dumps them.

Doesn’t it make you think that the Starfield code has lines that dictate when your companion’s patience has run out and make them decide to leave you?

There’s no official statement on that, but there’s good reason to believe so since Starfield implements a dislike feature where your companions express their disapproval of you.

This mod unofficially confirms that by adding an Affinity counter that shows how irritated or pleased your NPC is with you. This mod, which can be downloaded for free from Nexus, is called Visible Companion Affinity.

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Credit: Nexus

As you can see from the photo that the modder has attached to its description page, the mod adds a counter that shows how much your companion’s affinity has been positively or negatively affected by a recent event.

Aside from this, you can also strike up a conversation with your four companions and select an option that allows you to see that NPC’s affinity status.

In our opinion, this mod simplifies many of the complicated aspects of Starfield’s NPC relationship feature. By knowing your companion’s current affinity, you can tell when one of them is ready to leave you, and you can try some steps to mend the relationship, if ever.

You can also use this to manipulate your relationship if you’re ever thinking about divorcing your character from any of your four companions.

Romance in Starfield has a lot of perks, which makes the mod very helpful. This is because,

when you sleep with your partner, you can get the “Emotional Security” perk, which gives you a 25-minute boost to XP gained by 15%.

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