Player Finds Out They Can Romance and Marry All Four Companions

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starfield marriage
Credit: starfield marriage

We all know that we’re supposed to pick only one of the four companions in Starfield as a life-long partner, although it’s possible to dally on the side with one or two of them.

However, how would you react if it is possible to marry all four of them and enjoy the perks?

That’s what Reddit user Aggrajag68 discovered over the weekend, according to his Reddit post. Although he didn’t explain how, he ended up getting married to Sam, Sarah, and Barrett and uninvolved with Andreja.

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Credit: Reddit

While involved with the other three, he tried to hook up with Andreja but was rebuked for being involved with someone else.

You’d think our amorous hero would end it at that, but he did us one better by dumping all three. Understandably, all three got pissed, but our knight in shining armor just slept 24 hours through their anger. Upon waking up, he was unattached, and everyone carried on as before.

What does he do next? He goes to Andreja and obtains her sweet “Yes” as he is now single. After that, he goes to the other three and tries to marry them again one by one.

Andreja is displeased three times, but all it takes is another 24-hour sleep and a conversation, and everything’s back to what they were before!

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Credit: Reddit

So, now, he could sleep with any of his four companions and enjoy the “Emotional Security” perk, which gives a 15% XP boost for 25 minutes after sleeping with your companion.

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