Vladimir Should Be Able to Buy Your Surveys Now

vladimir starfield

vladimir starfield

One way you can earn money in Starfield is to sell your surveys to Vladimir at the Lodge. However, this is also one of the slower methods to get some much-needed cash because the NPC runs out of money periodically.

One modder got tired of no mods affecting Vladimir’s cash stash, so he created one. The result is a mod called Get Rich Quick with Vladimir on Nexus.

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Credit: Bethesda

The mod gives Vladimir more than 250,000 credits, enough to make sure he has plenty of cash to buy your surveys when you visit him. You don’t have to wait at the Lodge or the Eye just for him to be ready to buy what you have for him.

The modder has a limit on the credit amount to give Vladimir, but he said he could update the mod to provide Vlad with more seed money to purchase your surveys if somebody asks. That’s the mark of a true hero right there.

Vladimir is also the subject of another mod that allows you to skip dialogue with him and go right ahead to the location of the next temple. Many players have been displeased at enduring his talk for a few minutes before he reveals the next temple’s whereabouts.

Stay tuned as Bethesda will take down the Creative Club for maintenance beginning November 29th. Of course, there’s no official announcement, but could this be a sign that we’ll see the official Creation Kit for Starfield a bit earlier?

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