Ship of the Week - The Freedom Dry Dock

starfield ship of the week

starfield ship of the week

Howdy, explorers! Today is Friday, and it is time for our Starfield Ship of the Week pick! We guarantee you that today’s selection is not something you’ll see daily when you go through social media posts for fan creations.

For now, we’ll let the work speak for itself. Look at what Alessandro Capretti has shared with the STARFIELD Bethesda Gaming Community group.

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Credit: Facebook/Alessandro Capretti

As you can see, today’s pick is no ordinary ship. It’s a shipyard! Mr. Capretti has seen fit to create a haven for his Starfield vessels in the middle of space. You can see four ships - one M-class ship called the Archangel, a Cruiser named Dominion, and two unnamed ships still being constructed.

We all know that space stations and shipyards are in the code for Starfield but are still locked, perhaps waiting for a DLC to drop. So, how did Mr. Capretti create the Freedom Dry Dock?

If you said mods, then you’re right on the money. In response to a user comment, Mr. Capretti revealed that he used console commands to unlock M-class ship parts and the still-locked components for the shipyards.

Now, if one user can use a console command to build a shipyard, imagine what everyone can do once the content has been fully unlocked. Please make that very soon, Todd Howard!

While you’re at it, you might be thinking about customizing the interiors of your ship. This is another feature lacking in the base game, making all ship insides alike despite your efforts to design the exterior. Fortunately, you can give this one mod a try!

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