Xbox Mod Highlight: Unlimited Resources Mod Lets You Create Your Dream Outpost

a woman is standing in front of a screen that says `` unlimited resources '' .
Credit: Bethesda

a woman is standing in front of a screen that says `` unlimited resources '' .
Credit: Bethesda

Creating your dream outpost in Starfield is never easy. With tons of resources and requirements needed for a full-on, complete outpost in space, sometimes this very feat of building one’s celestial outpost is often left on the last bit of every Starfield player’s to-do list.

Fortunately for Xbox players, this dream can become a reality with the Unlimited Resources, Ammo, Healing, Digipicks, and Credits mod.

a screenshot of a video game showing a box filled with unlimited ammo .
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Credit: Bethesda

Created by mod author OldMansBeard, the Unlimited Resources mod provides every kind of resource players will need to create whatever they want. Whether it be new weapon upgrades, armor upgrades, new outpost habs, or many others, the mod covers every resource needed within Starfield.

The mod is less than 60 KB, which is pretty tiny compared to the unlimited possibilities it unlocks.

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While some players may be taken aback by how this mod makes everything relatively easier, some players may find this mod as a godsend.

It is true that having too many of everything somehow changes the way the game is played, but on the other hand, having to grind countless, sometimes unenjoyable, hours may hinder the gaming experience.

In other Starfield news, Bethesda has posted three new mods in the Creations Club, two of which are paid mods. The community felt that the pricing for these two mods, which are custom skins, is too high and contradictory to what Todd Howard said in an interview.

Bethesda has yet to implement a new system around paid mods and brand new ways to ensure that some mods do not disable achievements if these mods are just customizing mods.

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Credit: MrMattyPlays

Whether you build your outpost using these unlimited resources or prefer to do it brick-by-brick, stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following Starfield Portal.

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