New Paid Mods in Creation Club Contradict What Todd Howard Said

a man is standing in front of a screen with a video game on it .
Credit: Bethesda

a man is standing in front of a screen with a video game on it .
Credit: Bethesda

Recently, Starfield’s Creation Club was under fire due to some quests listed as paid mods, and the community was not entirely optimistic about additional quests becoming possibly paywalled.

Todd Howard addressed the issue in an exclusive interview with MrMattyPlays, stating that the studio is aware of the community’s concern and will look into better solutions to improve the paid mods system.

However, Bethesda seems to contradict itself by posting 'overpriced' skins, as the community calls them.

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/TerminalHappiness, they highlight three new mods that Bethesda has uploaded: a shotgun skin, a desert camo skin pack, and an outfit.

The shotgun skin is free, but the other two are paid using purchased credits. This did not sit well with the players in the thread, who stated that Todd Howard mentioned that the studio would look into how they price things.

Many players stated that the monetization model that Bethesda is doing is similar to what other modern games also do.

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While this monetization model works for live service games such as MMOs, players think it should not be the case for Starfield, a single-player game.

Some players also mention having overpriced rates for these skins, which do not make sense for a single-player game.

Additionally, these mods disable achievements, which is one thing Bethesda has yet to look into.

These paid mods are custom skins that only alter the appearance of the player's character and should not disable any achievements. The mods are not game-breaking and should in no way disable achievements for changing visuals.

Some players try to explain the reasoning behind the pricing, stating that this price model is targeted towards whales, players who tend to spend more and have a larger tendency to buy within the player base.

Bethesda has not communicated its plans to support modders with the current pricing structure.

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