Bethesda Softworks Indiana Jones Reveal Takes Place on January 18

indiana jones

indiana jones

Players who have been waiting for Bethesda Softworks and its one other project aside from Starfield will be thrilled to know that there’ll be a Developer Direct focus on Indiana Jones on January 18. This will be an exclusive first look at the adventure game that Machine Games is developing.

These details appeared on the X account for Bethesda, where information on games published by Bethesda Softworks is exclusively released. According to the post, the Developer Direct Event will occur at noon Pacific Time on January 18.

As the official Xbox X account said, “Hat up.”

It has been previously revealed during an interview with Lex Fridman that Todd Howard would be serving as executive producer of the game. When asked what genre the game is designed for, the Starfield director said that it’s a “mash-up” of numerous different ones.

“It isn't one thing, intentionally, so it does a lot of different things that myself and the folks at Machine Games have wanted to do in a game,” he told Fridman during the podcast. He added, “So it's a unique thing."

Neither Bethesda Softworks nor Machine Games have ever released any additional details regarding the game since its announcement in January 2021. They did release a short trailer where there are hints of adventures in Egypt, Peru, and Mesopotamia.

With ZeniMax now under Microsoft’s Xbox division, there might also be a chance that the Indiana Jones game will be a platform exclusive like Starfield. However, that remains to be confirmed as well since Marvel’s Blade has also not been confirmed as an exclusive as of writing.

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