Will Marvel’s Blade Be an Xbox Exclusive?

blade marvel game

blade marvel game

Although Starfield did not win any awards during The Games Awards ceremony, Bethesda made waves by revealing the first trailer for Marvel’s Blade during the event. The one-minute trailer did not reveal many details, which is to be expected, of course.

Aside from the superb graphics in the trailer, many fans and journalists have noticed a significant lack of information regarding the game’s platform.

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Credit: Bethesda

The trailer did not specify that the game is coming to Xbox consoles, for instance, making viewers wonder if the game will be a multi-platform title. This contrasts with games like Starfield, which Bethesda had specified from the beginning as an Xbox/PC exclusive.

Another example would be Arkane Austin’s Redfall, which was immediately announced as an Xbox/PC exclusive and a Game Pass entry.

Many authors in the gaming news niche also noticed that, although Bethesda had made a simultaneous announcement with Arkane Lyon and Marvel, Xbox was not mentioned in the press release.

Attempting to dispel this mystery, VG247 reached out to Bethesda itself. However, the company that brought us RPGs like Starfield, Fallout 4, and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim declined to comment.

On the other hand, while Starfield remains an Xbox/PC exclusive, Microsoft’s CFO Tim Stuart revealed that they are still interested in negotiating with networks like Sony and Nintendo to include Game Pass on their dashboards. This means Starfield could be played on Nintendo and PlayStations via Game Pass.

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