Redditors Don’t Think Fallout Resource Wars Will Occur Anytime Soon



The year is 2023, and Fallout fans cannot help but notice how close we are to the start of the Resource Wars that ultimately led to the Great War that decimated much of the United States.

Very close, a Redditor said - we’re only 29 years away from the start of those disputes.

It seems quite an appropriate topic to discuss given current events, particularly the Russia-Ukraine conflict that strained the world’s oil resources.

One of the participants in the Reddit thread pointed out that the spat between Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin is but the start of the Resource Wars.

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Some users disagree, however. One user, NiklausKaine, said that the world can’t have nuclear conflicts at the games’ scales, given that people value their lives more now.

They also said that natural processes replenish fossil fuel stores faster than we can consume. The user pointed out that the scarcity and the eventual disappearance of fossil fuels triggered the Resource Wars after all.

Flux_State, however, opined that the war with China could come sooner and for different reasons, given the events occurring in Asia. Other users chimed in, arguing that we’ve got more chance of becoming Mad Max than a real-life Fallout.

Fallout 4, the most recent of the single-player games in the franchise, is due to receive a “next-gen update” that would bring 4K resolution and 60 FPS frame rates to modern consoles. However, Bethesda announced that the update's release was moved to an undisclosed date in 2024.

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