Will Starfield Be Playable at Gamescom?

The xbox logo hovers above gamescom
Credit: Xbox

The xbox logo hovers above gamescom
Credit: Xbox

Starfield couldn't feel further away. Each day we wait feels like an eternity, but we will get to see some more soon. Next week, from August 23 till August 27, gamescom will be on in Cologne, Germany.

Bethesda has promised a look at Starfield for fans in attendance with a theatre presentation. This is fantastic news for gamers as not much has come from Todd Howard and his legendary team since June.

We got a deep-dive gameplay presentation on Starfield during the Xbox event earlier this Summer. Since then, we have had nothing more shown of gameplay, features, or any of the many yet-to-be-seen secrets of Starfield. We want to know more and hope that gamescom has some answers.

Starfield at gamescom

The xbox logo floats above gamescom
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Credit: Xbox
Starfield is coming to gamescom

When a game from Bethesda is nearing release, fans dredge through information to find all and any missed tidbits of knowledge. Starfield has been much the same, one fan has even made a 4-hour analytic video on the 45-minute direct from June.

In just over a week, Germany will host gamescom from August 23. Xbox will be in attendance to showcase its upcoming games to the public. The trade fair is a fun event for all the family, so if you are in the area, be sure to check it out.

Will Starfield be playable?

Todd Howard on stage at e3 2015
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Credit: E3
Let us play Todd!

The big question on attendee's minds is if they will be able to play Starfield at gamescom or not. Sadly Microsoft has confirmed that Starfield will indeed not be playable at the event.

A strange move indeed considering how close to launch we are at this point. Surely a small limited demo on a fixed planet could have been arranged for fans to get a taste? Maybe Bethesda is after a worldwide experience at launch, or perhaps the fans concerned over the lack of the game's gold status are correct?

Whatever the case may be, we will keep you updated on the goings on at gamescom, as well as everything else Starfield.

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