What Happened to the Trident Ships?

trident starfield

trident starfield

Bethesda is no stranger to cutting content during development, especially with Starfield. Todd Howard had previously admitted that they initially wanted to put Fallout 3’s Washington D.C. in Starfield’s abandoned Earth but had to shelve the idea because of time constraints.

Now, a Reddit user has discovered what might yet be another scrapped content for Starfield. He’s talking about the Trident ships, which users cannot purchase or build from available parts.

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Credit: Bethesda

According to Redditor Bamboozleprime, you can visit the Trident star yard to talk to the guards and the salesman about these vessels. These people are pretty enthusiastic with their sales pitches, even stating that Trident is superior to other brands like Deimos.

However, these items cannot be purchased at all. Bamboozleprime said that this makes the Trident star yard a bizarre part of Starfield since it has no purpose besides being a side quest location.

Facts like this led the user to conclude that the Trident ships were cut from the final product, but other users quickly theorized that they might be part of an upcoming DLC with the M-class capital ships like the UC Vanguard.

However, Bethesda has no additional information regarding future downloadable content yet. Even details about the only known DLC, Shattered Space, are sparse.

While parts for building your own Trident ships are currently unavailable, you can make up for that by creating original designs or emulating famous ships from other franchises.

In fact, somebody had recreated the yellow-hued Magic School Bus from the eponymous cartoon series as a ship in his Starfield game!

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