The Magic School Bus Joins the Starfield Universe

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yellow school bus in space flying past a planet

Yet another vehicle has entered the Starfield universe. This time, it’s the Magic School Bus from the eponymous kid’s cartoons from back in the day. The yellow bus that can transform into anything, including a submarine and an airplane, has joined the roster of iconic ships recreated by Starfield users.

Reddit user SP7R posted the ship on Reddit , on September 7 on a thread titled 'Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!' - Miss Frizzle. SP7R shared 5 images of the ship, including one of the Yellow Magic Bus in space, with the caption 'A childhood classic come to life.'

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Credit: Reddit

SP7R is also the user who recreated the green Planet Express bus, which he also shared on Wednesday. The user explained that it would be difficult for players to create if they relied on the game’s available resources. Instead, he said he used a mod to build the ship.

With the game fully available, more and more users are recreating their favorite ships from other franchises. Star Wars is very popular among Starfield users, with at least 2 versions of the X-wing starfighter and one Millennium Falcon already seen in the game’s universe.

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Credit: Reddit

Starfield is enjoying a spectacular launch. Yesterday, the Starfield official X account declared that the game had already achieved 6 million players in just a day after the launch on September 6.

Before that, the game already had roughly 1 million players, which PlayTracker said represented only those who purchased the early access passes.


Mods have already started to become available through Nexus Mods, where you can find more than 1,000 mods free for downloading. As for official support, Todd Howard said that Bethesda will be releasing official modding tools in 2024.

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