Starfield Player Builds Huge Red Space Truck

a red truck space ship

a red truck space ship

We’ve seen almost every kind of spaceship built using Starfield's Ship Builder menu. We’ve seen somebody build a huge ship that cannot even fit in photo mode. We’ve seen recreations of Star Wars ships, Futurama’s Planet Express, and many more!

When you think you’ve seen everything, somebody builds a red space truck. Yes, it’s shaped precisely like a red hauler truck, which you see Optimus Prime transform into in his own franchise.

Reddit user Xeppeling unveiled his creation yesterday, Wednesday. He posted a gallery of 11 pictures, including the ship engaging in a space dogfight.

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“You thought you were Space Truckin’ before? That was nothing,” his post said.

Other users couldn’t help but comment their amusement on the creation. One user said he found it funny how the takeoff angle made the ship look awkward in the screenshot. The ship, he said, looked like it could barely take off because of its shape and length.

Users on X, however, are not easily impressed.

User LevelUpNation replied to the original tweet, stating that he thinks the ship was modded. Another user, Captain Matias Torres, wondered how the user could lift 100K of cargo with only a C-reactor.

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Our second pick reminds us about being careful around the Crimson Fleet, the space pirates. The builder of this ship thinks that Starfield users who refuse to join the Crimson Fleet should start “quacking down” on the pirates instead.

It’s an exciting future ahead for Starfield. After a successful launch, Bethesda has started widening its horizons by adding the game to GeForce Now.

The company also announced many updates that would eventually include native DLSS support for Nvidia GPUs.

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