Ship of the Week 2 - The Angry Gold Duck

a spaceship in the shape of a duck

a spaceship in the shape of a duck

It has been a great week on Starfield, explorers! There is plenty of great news to celebrate and lots of excellent fan creations coming up. It’s nearly time to pick another ship build to feature as our Ship of the Week.

On Monday, Jez Corden, managing editor at Windows Central, posted a picture of a ship resembling a duck on X. The post even called it a 'Space Duck'. It has a distinctive yellow beak, a green head, and a silver body.

The ship was built by a Reddit user who used the appropriate “angrygoldduck” username. In his Reddit post, angrygoldduck said it’s “time to start quacking down on all the space pirates.”

Unfortunately, angrygoldduck didn’t post any details on how he built the ship, so we don’t know how much credits it cost or if he used a mod to achieve his creation.

In any case, you can look at angrygoldduck’s creation below.

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Credit: Reddit

After a successful launch with Starfield reaching 6 million in player count in just one week, Bethesda decided to widen its horizons further and reached more fans. Yesterday, Nvidia announced it is adding Starfield to its list of available games on GeForce Now.

This decision has a significant impact on Starfield’s user base. There are about 25 million users in Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform, which allows players to leverage Nvidia’s technology to play resource-intensive games without upgrading their computers.

With Starfield now available on GeForce Now, those users who have been previously restricted by gear limitations can now purchase the game on Steam and play on the platform.

Meanwhile, players whose Nvidia GPUs are having performance issues on Starfield can look forward to a more permanent fix from Bethesda. The gaming developer announced on X yesterday that it will be releasing native support for DLSS3 in the near future.

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