Fallout 76: The Aliens Are Coming to Appalachia to Steal Your Brainwaves!

vault boy gun collector aliens fallout 76
Credit: Bethesda

vault boy gun collector aliens fallout 76
Credit: Bethesda

Fallout 76 has begun the Invaders from Beyond event, where you’ll have to ensure the aliens don’t steal anyone’s brainwaves, including yours. Happy hunting Wastelanders, and be sure to collect that loot.

Players have faced their share of irradiated beasts and some new challenges from the new Atlantic City—America's Playground update. As if that is not enough, tall, green, and oozy visitors from the stars have arrived to add a new and more menacing threat than they’ve ever faced.

Alien invaders fallout 76
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Credit: Bethesda

According to the latest dispatch from the game’s official website, Fallout 76 has started the Invaders from Beyond event. Moving forward, flying saucers will appear over Appalachia and drop mysterious alien tech called Siphons.

When you see these while exploring, drop whatever you’re doing and head over to investigate the alien drop site. These must be disabled before they siphoned the brainwaves of every person within the vicinity, including you!

Of course, these aliens won’t give you a free ticket to steal their hardware. You’ll be facing hordes of Invader Aliens who are out to ensure that the Siphons can do their job. Once their brainwave meter fills up, it’s game over for you and your squad.

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These flying saucers will appear at every top of the hour from noon Eastern time to the same time the next day. From today until May 14, keep your eyes peeled when exploring the Wasteland during these hours.

alien target practice fallout 76
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Credit: Bethesda

Defeating the aliens gives you experience points and points towards earning the following items on the Scoreboard:

  • Hazmat suit in a subtle teal color scheme
  • Plans for building the Alien Head and Glowing Flatwoods Monster Lamps
  • Plans for an Alien Table and an Alien Target Practice Sheet

The event also adds the Alien Laser Door item and the specially-themed Flatwoods Monster Power Armor Paint in the Atomic Shop.

The alien invaders will have their hands full with all of these new players entering the Appalachians in the wake of the success of the Fallout live-action series. Bethesda has claimed that over 1 million new players have joined Fallout 76, thanks to the Prime Video show.

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