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character pointing a rifle

character pointing a rifle

One of the best parts of Starfield is its fast-paced combat that keeps you on the edge of your seat during every encounter. Combat is quick, and you'll be carrying a lot of luggage in your arsenal to deal with every enemy. However, cycling through these and grabbing what you want can be a hassle. So here are some Starfield weapon shortcuts to make your life easier.

Learn how to use the Favorite Weapons wheel shortcuts and set up key bindings to access your favorite weapons and items amid heated combat. Not only is it convenient, but not having to pause the game also adds to the overall immersion of the experience. So, let's cover some of the must-have weapon shortcuts in Starfield.

Starfield Basic Weapon Swapping

Starfield doesn't actually tell you how you should go about switching weapons, even if you pick up new weapons. Luckily, this method is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is open your inventory using "I" on the keyboard and the Menu button for consoles. From here, just scroll over to a weapon in your inventory and select it. You'll see a confirmation marker on the top left for any item you have equipped.

The weapon select shortcut menu
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However, this method is time-consuming and can break your immersion during combat. Luckily, we have weapon shortcuts in Starfield to help with that.

Starfield Weapon Swap Shortcuts

The Starfield weapon shortcut allows you to assign favorite weapons in one of 13 slots. You can then access these anytime during combat to quickly swap without having to open your inventory and scroll through it. Here's how to go about it:

  • Open your inventory and hover over a weapon that you'd like to keep for a quick swap.
  • If you're on the keyboard, press "B", and on the controller, press "A" to mark this weapon as a favorite.
  • A weapon wheel will pop up, and you can assign the weapon to any free slot of your choice.
  • Now, when you enter combat and need to swap weapons, just press the Q button on the keyboard or press the D-pad + on the controller. This will bring up the weapon wheel.
  • On the keyboard, you can press the corresponding number to quickly select the weapon, and on the controller, you can use your analog sticks or d-pad to get to the weapon slot you want.

This Starfield weapon shortcut will allow you to cycle and swap between your weapons a lot more quickly and make combat a much more fluid and fun experience. We definitely recommend spending a bit of time to set up your own personalized weapon wheel.

Those are all the Starfield weapon shortcuts we know about right now. Stay tuned for more! While you're here, also check out our advanced shipbuilding guide and how to pick locks.

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