Unboxed With Josh Reveals Starfield x NZXT PC Setup

unboxed with josh starfield nzxt h5 flow PC case
Credit: X/NZXT

unboxed with josh starfield nzxt h5 flow PC case
Credit: X/NZXT

It’s been a few months since Starfield and NZXT revealed their collaboration to produce limited-edition PC accessories. This partnership produced the H5 Flow Starfield PC case, the Lift 2 Starfield gaming mouse, the Starfield MXL900 mouse pad, and the Player: Two CRFT 12 Edition gaming PC.

Today, we witness the first unboxing video of a nearly complete set featuring the items in the collection. This comes from the influencer Unboxed with Josh, who posted videos on his X account.

Unboxed With Josh said in his voiceover that he had pre-ordered the Lift 2 Starfield Mouse, MXL900, and the H5 Flow PC case when he heard the two companies’ announcement. However, he already had a gaming PC and passed on pre-ordering the Player: Two gaming PC.

The content creator praised the Lift 2 gaming mouse, calling it “great” for his gaming setup, and described the H5 Flow custom PC case as “beautiful” despite its extremely limited stocks.

amd limited edition starfield cpu gpu
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Credit: AMD/Bethesda

In addition to NZXT, Bethesda also partnered with AMD to produce the Starfield-themed AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX limited-edition graphics card and the Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU.

These two components are featured in many custom PC builds, including the Vasco PC created by Rhoads PC, the custom build showcased by PC builder General Salami, and the Starfield PC displayed during the Dutch Comic-Con.

According to the AMD announcement on its website last year, only 500 Starfield custom CPU and GPU units were produced in collaboration.

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