Starfield The Great Laredo Caper Walkthrough

starfield akila security

starfield akila security

Many people in the Freestar Collective aspire to be individuals who take care of the people around them. One such individual is Annie Wilcox, who wishes to catch a thief in the quest, The Great Laredo Caper.

How to Unlock The Great Laredo Caper

You have to wander near Laredo Firearms to get the "Speak to the Child" activity when a pair of kids call out to you. Head straight to the right when you enter Akila City, and you'll find Laredo Firearms on the right. Speak to the child to begin the quest.

The Great Laredo Caper Walkthrough

Speak to Annie Wilcox

Speak to Annie Wilcox and her friend, who will try to convince you they've seen a thief. According to Annie, a thief always shows up around midnight at Laredo Firearms, and that's why they've been missing items. However, nobody believes her, and she wants you to check it out.

starfield the great laredo caper annie wilcox
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Wait for Midnight

To check it out, you need to wait until midnight to pass. You can go to any bench or seat and press the wait button to set a time to wait till midnight.

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Go to Laredo Firearms

Laredo Firearms is located on the first right street when you enter Akila City. Go right, and you'll see the building to your right. However, the thief comes from the backside, so make your way there.

Apprehend the Laredo Arms Thief at Midnight

Make your way to the backside of Laredo Firearms at midnight, and you'll see a man slowly creeping to the back entrance. Interact with him, and he'll quickly give up and won't even try to run.

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Akila Security will show up immediately and apprehend the man possessing a key to the back entrance. You can let them deal with it from here.

Report to Annie Wilcox

Once you're done, you can return to Annie Wilcox. If you're having trouble finding her, she went to The Rock in the middle of Akila City, where she will be sitting with her mother, Emma Wilcox. Speak to her and tell Emma that Annie helped catch a thief to receive a reward for your troubles.

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The Great Laredo Caper Quest Rewards

XP - 50

Credits - Level Dependant

That concludes our guide for The Great Laredo Caper side quest. If you want to be a real investigative agent in Akila City, why not join the Freestar Rangers?

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