Starfield The Art Dealer Walkthrough

Starfield The Art Dealer Walkthrough

Starfield The Art Dealer Walkthrough

The Art Dealer is a side quest in Starfield where you are introduced to a whole new side of the shady dealings that take place in New Atlantis. Meet the Trade Authority and their illegal operations with Contraband.

How to Unlock The Art Dealer

You can start by talking to Samson Cebrail; you will find him in New Atlantis. Samson will tell you that he is an Art collector, trader, and all-around critic, and he spends most of his time going after the works of Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis Seaport.

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He needs to pick a work of art from the local Trade Authority from Zoe Kaminski.

The Art Dealer Walkthrough

Get the Art from Zoe Kaminski

It's a short walk from Jemison Merchantile to the Trade Authority in The Well. Head into the hall and take a left to make your way to the Trade Authority. Talk with Zoe Kaminski and mention Samson Cebrail.

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Zoe will hand over a package called Samson's Art and hint that the artwork is stolen and she has wiped out the Owner History. You can try to return it, but she won't accept it as all sales are final. Congratulations, you are technically performing a Contraband delivery for Samson.

starfield the art dealer speak to zoe kaminski of the trade authority
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Return to Simon

After picking up the stolen artwork, return it to Simon. You can walk to his location since it will be quicker than fast traveling. Just walk back to the elevator you came from.

starfield the art dealer return to samson
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Speak to Simon to finish your quest and get the rewards. You can complain that he tricked you, but he'll wave it off and simply buy your silence by paying you a decent amount of Credit.

The Art Dealer Quest Rewards

XP - 50

Credits - 3000 (Level Dependant)

That concludes The Art Dealer Quest in Starfield. For more guides, check out other quests in The Well, such as Shipment for Salinas.

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